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Mayan Deer DanceToledo, the southernmost district of Belize, is 1669 square miles of rainforest, mountains, rivers, and Maya Villages. Toledans often refer to their home as "the forgotten land"-it is the least visited destination in Belize. Toledo district has a cultural blend of traditional Mopan Maya and Ketchi farmers along with a healthy East Indian population.

As the most sparsely populated and least developed region in the country, Toledo is certainly not for the ordinary tourist. is the perfect find for those seeking to venture “off the beaten path” and taste some of the rich natural and cultural diversity Belize has to offer. Explore caves at the caves at Hokeb Ha and Yok Balum; the waterfalls at Rio Blanco, the Maya sites of Lubantuun, Nim li Punit and Pusilha, the biological diversity at Paynes Creek National Park or the spectacular island in the Sapodilla Range. For an authentic cultural experiences, be there for the Deer Dance Festival or stay at a traditional Maya home and participate in the preparation of fresh ground corn tortillas and Maya chocolate – Food of the Gods.

Tradewinds and the Caribbean Sea caress the eastern coastline of Toledo. Coastal lagoons are prominent, providing a rich habitat for an abundance of wildlife, and the last stretch of the 186 mile Belize Barrier Reef lies 40 miles offshore from the mainland. Jungle-covered ruins still exist as if just discovered. Five major protected areas have been declared wildlife reserves. These natural treasures abound with wildlife and over 2000 species of flowering plants. The Sapodilla Cayes offer great snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and diving. Some of the best fly-fishing in the country is done in the nearby rivers.

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