A History of Belize, Nation in the Making traces the history of Belize. It focuses on how Belize became what it is today. This website takes us on a journey through time and gives us the opportunity to study the complex society we see today in this small Central American nation.

History is never complete for it is created every day. The people, places and events presented in this website demonstrates how important history is to a nation. Belize cannot move constructively into the future unless it understands the past and benefits from that knowledge.

This website is an adaptation of the book of the same name produced by Cubola Productions located in Benque Viejo, Belize.

Table of Contents
Part One:
Colonialism in Belize
Chapter 1 The first people of the Americas
Chapter 2 European rivalries in the Caribbean
Chapter 3 The Spanish and British in Belize
Chapter 4 Slavery and the slave trade
Chapter 5 Slavery in Belize
Part Two:
Dependent Belize in the world economy
Chapter 6 The dominance of forestry
Chapter 7 The monopolization of land
Chapter 8 The suppression of agriculture
Chapter 9 How colonialism underdeveloped Belize
Part Three:
Toward an independent Belize
Chapter 10 Workers' resistance
Chapter 11 The nationalist Movement
Chapter 12 A society transformed
Chapter 13 Regional influences in Belize
Chapter 14 Belize on the world stage
Appendix Chronological table
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