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Where is Belize, in South America? That is the question most people ask when first hearing about Belize. Contrary to what some people think, Belize is not in South America, nor Africa. It is, however, situated in the heart of Central America. Most people don't know that this Caribbean wonder is just a hop, skip and a jump from the U.S. Right under Mexico, next to Guatemala, welcoming the waves of the Western Caribbean Sea. But that is part of it's charm. It has always been there but nobody noticed it. For the most part, only a small portion of the world's tourist population have been to Belize; that has kept Belize's Barrier Reef, Maya ruins and pristine rain forest "unspoiled" for all to enjoy.

Belize is a haven for all types of traveler, and with the right plan you can take advantage of both the relaxing aspects of a vacation as well as the more adventurous activities.

International accessibility and hospitality provides numerous choices for getting to Belize and getting around so whether you prefer to plan your own trip or work with an agent, we’d like to help you explore and access all your options.

Once you arrive by air, land or sea, there is much to see and do so a good start to your vacation planning is to get an idea of the activities and in-country destinations that appeal to you. From most locations within Belize you will be able to include a combination of marine, inland, Maya and cultural activity. (Often, hotels in the interior will have packages with another hotel on the coast or on an island).

Each destination and indeed the individual hotels will have their own unique charm and atmosphere.

  • Staying in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, San Ignacio or Placencia village will offer more restaurants and bars, small shops and local nightlife.
  • A luxury jungle lodge in Cayo may have quiet natural surroundings with spa, museum and numerous attractions all on site
  • You stay on a small island will offer privacy, peace and tranquility away from a lot of people
  • You won’t be able to see all of Belize in one vacation and that’s ok, as we look forward to seeing you back.