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Big Rock water fall- Mt. Pine RideThe Cayo district of Belize is where savannahs, pine and broadleaf forests meet rolling hills and the Maya Mountains. Within these diverse regions lie waterfalls, watersheds and rivers, sinkholes and caves, wildlife, birds and tropical flora. Add friendly, culturally-diverse people to this mix and you are in for a memorable eco-adventure vacation. And it all begins here at

Rivers, waterfalls, caves and mountains surround a tiny national capital and grand Maya cities. The largest district in the country and home of the capital city of Belmopan, the Cayo district offers a plethora of ecotourism adventures. With an astonishing 880,000 acres of protected land in the form of nature reserves and national parks, this district is truly a nature-lover’s dream.

Throughout the country side are a choice of elegant jungle lodges through to the more basic amenities of a small resort or campsite. The lively towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena and the quiet border town of Benque Viejo del Carmen provide a glimpse into the lives of the friendly residents. They also serve as a base from which to explore pine forests, clear rivers, rocky plateaus, ceremonial caves, towering mountains, cascading waterfalls and ancient Maya temples.

canoeing the Mopan RiverActun Tunichil Muknal Cave


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    A spectacular jungle lodge based in the heart of the Slate Creek Reserve, /not just another horseback ride.
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    Windy Hill Resort is located in the Cayo District, the most popular inland destination in Belize. We are located near several of Belize's greatest natural attractions including well-known Maya Temples...