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Destination MapThe geography as well as diverse cultures and history of this unique destination contribute to distinct ambiances in the people, food and music as you travel the country.

Belize is divided into six districts connected by a paved, two-lane highway system and a well-organized network of local airline and boat services making it easy to plan your visit from one end of the country to the next. For visitors there are actually 9 well-recognized destinations from which to mix and match your choice of reef, rainforest, Maya history and living cultures.

Garifuna DrumsStann Creek is Belize's second largest district with 986 square miles of possibilities for the adventure inclined traveler. The coast is dotted with small towns and fishing villages that offer cultural flavors in exotic combination, and access to crowd free cayes as well as the remote reaches of the Belize Barrier Reef.


jungle trail on horse backNorthern Belize is a sleeper. Like a mineral geode, seemingly plain and unassuming on the outside, once cracked, its beauty and charm will dazzle your eyes and sense of adventure. Dare to venture off the main roads and your travels become an adventure.


view of beach from balconyWelcome to beautiful Ambergris Caye, the largest of several hundred cayes (islands) located in the northern most waters of Belize, Central America. This narrow strip of paradise surrounded by the azure Caribbean, is approximately 36 miles long and was once a part of the Yucatan Peninsula.


Big Rock water fall- Mt. Pine RideThe Cayo district of Belize is where savannahs, pine and broadleaf forests meet rolling hills and the Maya Mountains. Within these diverse regions lie waterfalls, watersheds and rivers, sinkholes and caves, wildlife, birds and tropical flora. You are in for a memorable eco-adventure...


Mayan Deer DanceToledo, the southernmost district of Belize, is 1669 square miles of rainforest, mountains, rivers, and Maya Villages. Toledans often refer to their home as "the forgotten land"-it is the least visited destination in Belize. Toledo district has a cultural blend of traditional Mopan Maya and Ketchi farmers...


sitting on dock at Caye CaulkerEasygoing people, sandy roads for golf carts, and the rhythmic pace of the waves gently undulating onshore embody the island motto - “go slow”.White sandy beaches and warm waters entice travelers from around the world; the perfect location for a lazy day at the beach


Flag Monument in Belize CityThe Belize District is centrally located between the northern and southern borders of the country with a variety of transportation options to any point both inland and out to the cayes. Fishing, snorkeling, diving and swimming are excellent around nearby St. George's and Goff's caye...


Tourist on Placencia Side WalkSituated on a slender peninsula that curves alongside the southern coast of the country, Placencia is “Barefoot Perfect”. The only place on mainland Belize that offers white sun-kissed, unspoiled sand beaches where “stress” is not allowed...